Town Hall Rental

For Town Hall Rental call or text Dean Mahlstedt @ 320-894-8550

Rules/ Guidelines/ Regulations For Town Hall Rental

1. Tables and chairs must be arranged as found and no furniture is to be removed from the building.

Please be gentle when folding up tables. Do not fold up brown tables.

Lift tables and chairs do not drag them across the carpet!

2. Users must sweep/vacuum and generally clean up after use. Please clean up and report beverage and food spills so they can be dealt with promptly. Failure to do so may incur additional charges to your group.

3. Please remove all garbage from the building including restrooms. There is a dumpster for your convenience south of the maintenance garage.

4. Please clean the kitchen including spills in the refrigerator, microwave, and stove (if used) and bathrooms.

5. A maximum of 100 people may be in the building at any one time.

6. The meeting or function must cease by midnight.

7. Any alterations or decorations must be approved by the maintenance overseer.

8. No drugs, alcohol, or smoking on the premises.

9. Tables, chairs, or other furniture brought into the premises must have protective footings.

10. No pets.

11. Turn off lights, fans, a/c or lower heat, lock the door, and return the key to the lockbox.

Any questions call or text Dean Mahlstedt at 320-894-8550

Fees: Payment at this time is by cash or check

$50.00 for half-day use or short meetings with coffee or lunch

$100.00 for all-day

$100.00 damage deposit is required which will be returned or a check destroyed if the hall is found clean and in good condition after use.

For Rental reservations call or text Dean Mahlstedt at 320-894-8550